Virtuoso Universal Server (Cloud Edition) AMI for EC2

What is the Virtuoso Universal Server (Cloud Edition) AMI for EC2?

An Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud platform brand of virtual machine - also known as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) - that hosts a pre-installed and pre-configured instance of Virtuoso.

Why is it important?

It delivers a simple and cost-effective solution for exploiting Virtuoso's data management and integration prowess via the Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing platform using the "Data as a Service" (DaaS) model.

What is the Virtuoso Universal Server?

A new-generation, multi-purpose server that delivers native and built-in RDF, XML, and SQL Data Management, Full Text Indexing, Web Services Deployment (SOAP or REST styles), Web Content Management, Runtime Hosting (PHP, .NET, Java, etc.), and more, in a single product.

Why is it important?

It delivers a simple and cost-effective solution for managing and integrating disparate data sources using a plethora of industry standards. A single Virtuoso instance can produce a conceptually-oriented Linked Data View of your entire network, using HTTP as its wire-protocol. This form of data-focused virtualization delivers holistic views of disparate data sources across private (e.g., Enterprise) and/or public (e.g., World Wide Web) networks. For instance, you could have a Customer Entity as the focal point of interaction in your Web Browser, while remaining oblivious to the underlying virtualization of data and relationships across disparate sources such as ERP, CRM, Accounts, Inventory, Sales, Marketing, etc.

Database Administrator & User Perspective

It provides you with one or more pre-configured instances of Virtuoso that enable immediate exploitation of the following services:

Middleware Administrator's & Integration Professional's Perspective

It provides a powerful workbench that offers:

Web Server's & Content Manager's Perspective

It provides an alternative to many elements of the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) stack by incorporating the following built-in components:

General System Administrator's Perspective

Knowledge and Information Workers' Perspective

Web 2.0 / 3.0 User's or Developer's Perspective

It includes Distributed Collaboration Tools & Social Media functionality, courtesy of the bundled OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS), which provides:

Web Entrepreneur's Perspective

How Do I Get Started with Virtuoso on EC2?

Choose the combination of installation guides that suits your particular needs from the list below:

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