VirtuosoOdsUbiquityPollsPolls Ubiquity Commands establish OAuth session key for ODS Polls instance: Syntax: ods-set-poll-oauth <session_key> Example: ods-set-poll-oauth c4746c96bd8faa99798ad88448ba3bab create poll: Syntax: ods-create-poll <instance_id> name <name> [description <description>] [tags <tags>] [multi_vote <0|1>] [vote_result <0|1>] [vote_result_before <0|1>] [vote_result_opened <0|1>] [dateStart <dateStart>] [dateEnd <dateEnd>] [mode <S|M>] Syntax: ods-create-poll 10 name SPARQL Poll dateStart 2008.11.20 Example usage you can find here. get poll resource information by resource ID: Syntax: ods-get-poll-by-id <poll_id> Example: ods-get-poll-by-id 1001 update poll by resource ID: Syntax: ods-update-poll <poll_id> name <name> [description <description>] [tags <tags>] [multi_vote <0|1>] [vote_result <0|1>] [vote_result_before <0|1>] [vote_result_opened <0|1>] [dateStart <dateStart>] [dateEnd <dateEnd>] [mode <S|M>] Syntax: ods-update-poll 1001 name SPARQL Poll dateStart 2008.11.22 dateEnd 2008.11.29 delete poll by resource ID: Syntax: ods-delete-poll-by-id <poll_id> Example: ods-delete-poll-by-id 1001 create poll question: Syntax: ods-create-poll-question <poll_id> questionNo <questionNo> text <text> [description <description>] [required <required>] [type <type>] [answer <answer>] Example: ods-create-poll-question 1001 questionNo 1 text Do you know SPARQL? answer answer_1=Yes&answer_2=No delete poll question: Syntax: ods-delete-poll-question <poll_id> questionNo <questionNo> Example: ods-delete-poll-question 1001 questionNo 2 activate (open) poll for votes: Syntax: ods-activate-poll <poll_id> Example: ods-activate-poll 1001 close poll for votes: Syntax: ods-close-poll <poll_id> Example: ods-close-poll 1001 clear poll votes: Syntax: ods-clear-poll <poll_id> Example: ods-clear-poll 1001 create vote to poll: Syntax: ods-vote-poll <poll_id> Example: ods-vote-poll 1001 add answer to vote: Syntax: ods-poll-vote-answer <vote_id> questionNo <questionNo> answerNo <answerNo> value <value> Example: ods-poll-vote-answer 10001 questionNo 1 answerNo 1 value Yes get poll result: Syntax: ods-result-poll <poll_id> Example: ods-result-poll 1001 create comment to existing poll ID: Syntax: ods-create-poll-comment <poll_id> title <title> body <body> author <author> authorMail <authorMail> authorUrl <authorUrl> Example: ods-create-poll-comment 1001 title RDF body OpenLink RDF Browser author demo authorMail authorUrl get poll comment information by resource ID: Syntax: ods-get-poll-comment-by-id <comment_id> Example: ods-get-poll-comment-by-id 10001 delete poll comment by resource ID: Syntax: ods-delete-poll-comment <comment_id> Example: ods-delete-poll-comment 10001 set poll instance options/properties: Syntax: ods-set-polls-options <instance_id> options <options> Example: ods-set-polls-options 10 options rows=20 get poll instance options/properties: Syntax: ods-get-polls-options <instance_id> Example: ods-get-polls-options 10 References ODS Ubiquity Commands