ODS-Briefcase OAuth Ubiquity Authentication Example

The following example demonstrates OAuth authentication, getting the OAuth SID value for an existing ODS-Briefcase — instance mybriefcase with owner demo — on the OpenLink Demo server.


To successfully execute the example, you must first Generate OAuth Keys for the mybriefcase instance of ODS-Briefcase on the OpenLink Demo server. The four step process is documented here.

You must also be using the Firefox web browser, with the Ubiquity extension installed therein.

Last, you will need to subscribe to the ODS Ubiquity commands by accessing http://demo.openlinksw.com/ods/ods_ubiquity.html. Ubiquity is activated for command execution with the ctrl-space key combination.


  1. Execute the Ubiquity command:

    ods-oauth-host http://demo.openlinksw.com/OAuth

  2. Execute the Ubiquity command:

    ods-set-mode oauth

  3. Go to http://demo.openlinksw.com/ods/oauth_sid.vsp

  4. In the form, enter username demo, choose the application mybriefcase from the menu, and click the Execute button.

  5. When prompted, enter the demo user's password (demo) and click the Login button.
  6. Click the Authorize button.

  7. Copy the OAuth SID value so obtained, e.g., 7b040714f8b0d52c65e9eb9f6b93a240, for pasting in the next step.

  8. Execute the Ubiquity command:

    ods-set-briefcase-oauth 7b040714f8b0d52c65e9eb9f6b93a240

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