VirtuosoOdsUbiquityTutorialsManageFeedsFeed Manager Manage Resources Ubiquity Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how to manage feeds from OpenLink Demo server Feed Manager instance for user demo. Ubiquity Commands Subscription If not already subscribed, perform the following steps: Go to Click the button "Subscribe" Click the button "I know what I'm doing. Subscribe to it". As result should be shown message for "Subscription Successful" and we are ready to perform the steps from the tutorial. Initial conditions In order to be executed correctly the steps below, there should be ODS Feed Manager instance for user demo at the Demo server. If not existing, it is enough after log in to go to Feed Manager from the left ODS Vertical Main Navigation. This will cause automatically to be created ODS Feed Manager instance. Basic Tutorial Steps Authenticate using ODS command mode: sid: Execute the command: ods-host
Execute the command: ods-set-mode sid
Execute the command: ods-authenticate-user demo password demo
oauth: detailed description you can find here.
Execute the command: ods-get-instance-id DemoFeeds
As result will be shown the instance id. For the "DemoFeeds" instance this should be 47. Execute the command: ods-subscribe-feed 47 uri
As result will be shown message for successful subscription and added feed object with id 136. You can view the feed from Feeds Manager UI ->Administration
In order to get the feed's details, execute the command: ods-get-feed-by-id 136
We can also create folder for ex. with name: mytest: ods-create-feeds-folder 47 path /mytest
As result will be shown message for successful creation of object folder with id 6. You can view the created folder under Administration->Folders:
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