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    Glossary: Data Spaces

    Data Spaces are points of presence on the Internet for interacting with Programs (Application Logic) and Data, respectively via Web Service APIs and Query Service Protocols (e.g., SPARQL, GData, OpenSearch?, etc.). Data Spaces provide a concrete moniker for understanding the imminent transition from the API-oriented Web 2.0? to the API-and-Open-Data-Access-oriented Semantic Web?.

    Data Spaces provide atomic points of reference for creating, accessing, and disseminating Data, Information, and Knowledge. Data Spaces are increasingly accepted as the new frontier of database management technology research.

    Weblogs, Wikis, Web Sites, and Hosted Services (MySpace?, Yahoo!360, MSN Spaces, etc.) are some Web 2.0 application profiles that unobtrusively generate Data Spaces. The Semantic Web is an example of Web Technology that will benefit immensely from Data Space platform products.

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