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    Linked Data Beginner's Page

    What is Linked Data?

    Linked Data is a term coined by Tim Berners-Lee that describes the use of HTTP as a mechanism for open data access. From the vantage point of OpenLink Software, it provides foundation for innovative expansion of OpenLink Software's core competencies; Data Management, Access, and Integration. For instance, Linked Data extends the familiar concept of Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) via Data Source Names (DSNs) to Open Database Connectivity via HTTP-based DSNs that deliver fine grained access to enterprise databases via URLs; every record in the database becomes a Data Object (Entity) endowed with an Identifier that is de-referencable via an HTTP client such as a Web Browser.

    How does Linked Data benefit me or my enterprise?

    If you've benefited from OpenLink's UDA family of high-performance data access drivers, the extended benefits of Linked Data will include:

    • Reduction of costs associated with data silos which are functions of proprietary data stores associated with line-of-business applications
    • Preservation of legacy investments by making better use of existing data assets e.g. holistic and concept centric view of heterogeneous data sources
    • Increased enterprise agility through the ability to mix and match data entities across disparate data sources via industry standards such as HTTP, SPARQL, and SQL
    • Ability to naturally and securely mesh data across internal and external data sources

    How do I get started with Linked Data?

    OpenLink Software is committed to providing all customers and evaluators with the tools that enable exploitation of Linked Data across Public and Private Networks. For instance,our registration process provides you with the following:

    • An OpenID - this open standard? eradicates tedium associated repetitive account creation associated with Web applications
    • A Personal WebID? - HTTP URIs associated with an Entity of Type: Person, bound to an X.509 Certificate that results in a RESTful mechanism for federated Personal Identity?
    • A Personal Profile Page - a Web accessible Structured Profile page? (based on FOAF vocabulary) that provides you with a means to formally describe yourself on the Web, in a manner that fully exploits the serendipitous discovery prowess
    • A Unified Data Storage & Access Space - a single location into which you can store OpenLink license files for personal access use, while also have the option to use space allotted to share resources with others? e.g., fellow OpenLink Customers or the Public
    • Your Personal Search, Find, and Discover Index - your structured Personal Profile enables you to formally associate your Person Entity Identifier with accounts you hold in existing Web data spaces (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn?, Blogs, Wikis, Shared Bookmarks, Aggregated Feeds etc.); this basically delivers you a single focal point for Searching, Finding, and Querying? across your deep mesh of Linked Data.
    • Virtuoso Universal Server - our premier platform for maximum exploitation of Linked Data across Public and Private networks.

    What additional resources can help me learn about Linked Data?