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    Synchronization Markup Language (SyncML), now known as Open Mobile Alliance Data Synchronization (OMA DS) and Device Management (OMA DM), is the former (but still commonly used) name of a platform-independent information synchronization standard.

    SyncML (OMA DS/DM) comprises an API and a protocol for synchronization of contact and calendar (and other) information among all sorts of mobile and stationary devices including PDAs, laptops, pagers, and cellphones.

    Synchronization allows updates made to data on one device, to be automatically and instantly reflected in one or many other devices without manually updating each.

    SyncML's platform-independence offers a significant advantage to other options, making it a flexible solution for connecting digital devices of all kinds.

    For example, a mobile device (e.g., an Android phone) might be synchronized with a Virtuoso instance, so the calendar or contact entries on each automatically update to reflect changes made on the other.

    How do I use SyncML with Virtuoso?

    The following scenarios present different ways of performing SyncML synchronization:


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