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    Stuctured Query Language

    Structured Query Language, also known as SQL, is an industry-standard language for creating, updating, and querying relational database management systems (RDBMS).

    There are three basic components for SQL:

    • Data Definition Language (DDL) — for creation and modification of relational schema as well as schema objects include relations, indexes, etc.
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML) — for inserting, deleting, and updating rows in tables, as well as querying data in tables
    • Data Control Language (DCL) — for concurrency control and transactions, as well as administrative tasks including the set up of database users and groups, table security permissions including grants and roles, etc.

    SQL Standard Revisions

    • SQL-86
    • SQL-87
    • SQL-89
    • SQL-92 also known as SQL2
    • SQL:1999 also known as SQL3
    • SQL:2003


    SQL2003 is the fifth (latest) revision of the SQL database query language that includes XML-related features, window functions, standardized sequences and columns with auto-generated values (including identity-columns). The following includes the sections of the ISO Information technology on Database languages that comprise the SQL:2003 standard.


    SQL Syntax