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    Virtuoso Database Limits

    Physical Database Limits

    Item Type of Limit Limit Value Notes
    Database Block Size Minimum 2048 bytes must be a multiple of operating system physical block size
    Database Block Size Maximum Operating system dependent never more than n KB
    Database Size Maximum for Data 32 TB
    Database Size Maximum for Temp 32 TB
    Database file size Maximum Operating system dependent Limited by maximum operating system file size
    Files Per Database Maximum Unlimited

    Logical Database Limits

    Item Type of Limit Limit Value Notes
    Columns Maximum per table n000 columns maximum
    Columns Maximum per index n columns maximum
    Columns Maximum per Row 200 columns maximum
    GROUP BY clause Maximum length
    Indexes Maximum per table Unlimited Subject to global cache on keys
    Row Length Maximum 4086
    Row in Sorting 40789 b as in tables
    Table Size Maximum Up to the database size
    LOB Column Length Maximum 2 GB
    VARCHAR Length Maximum Constrained by max row length when stored into non-LOB column 10 MB inside procedure code
    Identity Length Maximum 100
    Numeric Precision Maximum 40 digits
    SQL Statement and Procedure Text Maximum 100K

    Process and Runtime Limits

    Item Type of Limit Limit Value Notes
    Locks Row-level Unlimited
    Locks per Transaction Maximum Depends on Memory 16b per row lock, 60 b per page with at least one row lock
    Virtual Memory Maximum Depend on OS 64 bit pointers on 64 platforms
    Threads Maximum Depends on OS Init File (.ini) specifies cap for pool for SQL client and web server thread pools
    Connections Maximum Depends on OS fdset size At least 2048 and can be set by the license

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