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    Virtuoso Open Source Edition News (2006)

    Later Years


    2006-12-06: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v4.5.7

    This version includes the following enhancements:

    • RDF storage now uses bitmap indexing by default;
    • RDF Views functionality for exposing SQL Data on the fly as RDF Instance Data for SPARQL Query Access is now stable;
    • Declarative N3/Turtle-based syntax for declaring RDF VIEWs of SQL Data is now stable;
    • SPARQL extensions for automatic crawling of related resources now implemented;
    • Miscellaneous SMP-related engine improvements.

    The new RDF functionality will be documented by new articles to come on the Virtuoso Open-Source wiki.

    There are also bug fixes in the following areas:

    • RDF parsing
    • Building without SSL support
    • Finding certificates when implementing HTTPS websites
    • Byte-order conversion issues when copying database between platforms
    • Minor build issues

    2006-10-27: Announcing Virtuoso Open-Source Edition v4.5.6

    This version includes the following enhancements to the core Universal Server Engine:

    • New declarative RDF Views language for generating "Virtual RDF Graphs" from SQL data, by mapping SQL to RDF in real time. This means that any relational data stored in Virtuoso or any other relational database can be converted seamlessly to RDF and queried with SPARQL without making an RDF copy of the data itself
    • Enhanced RDF Triple Store
    • Support for the RDF NET Protocol for reading and writing to Triple Store
    • Support for the Semantic Bank Protocol for reading and writing to Triple Store (Virtuoso is now a bona-fide PiggyBank? backend)
    • SPARQL Processor performance-enhancements
    • New AJAX-based Interactive SPARQL Query GUI
    • Bitmap index support - This is a generic SQL and engine enhancement that delivers dramatic space savings and increased performance specially in RDF triple storage and many business intelligence workloads.
    • Documentation updates covering: RDF APIs, the ATOM and GData protocols
    • Runtime hosting for PHP5 in addition to PHP4
    • Online Documentation and Tutorials now mapped to SIOC ontology thereby presenting documentation as an RDF data-set accessible to SPARQL Queries
    • Engine enhancements including automatic background compaction for up to 30% less space usage for typical relational or RDF databases, better SMP behavior with shorter critical sections, fixes in transaction logic and more

    The release also includes the following enhancements to the OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) application suite:

    • Built-in support for the Semantically Interlinked Online Communities (SIOC) Ontology
    • Built-in support for the FOAF (Friend Of A Friend) Ontology
    • Built-in support for the AtomOWL Ontology
    • Built-in support for the SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System) Ontology
    • New SPARQL usage examples demonstrating SIOC, FOAF, SKOS and AtomOWL based on their use across each ODS application realm
    • GeoURL? support in the ODS-Weblog application
    • Support for OpenID for browser-based authentication (client- and server-side)
    • Support for Yadis authentication discovery protocol (client- and server-side)
    • Significantly improved UI

    2006-08-06: Announcing ODS Update 2

    This update of the ODS application-suite adds pervasive support of the SIOC ontology. All relevant pages have a link to a dynamically generated SIOC file that contains the most-recent updates of the application as RDF. Also, all ODS application data is now queriable via SPARQL. See this set of sample queries.

    2006-08-06: Announcing Virtuoso Open Source Edition 4.5.4

    The Virtuoso triple-store now implements the Semantic Bank protocol and is compatible with the Piggybank browser plugin. See using Piggybank with Virtuoso for details.

    This release of Virtuoso adds a new dynamic SQL_costs and statistics_model with special support for SPARQL. See our white paper for this and other enhancements. We also add a parallel TTL loader which can use multiple CPUs and overlap IO with loading. See the ttlp_mt function documentation.

    To upgrade a previous installation of Virtuoso Open Source Edition and OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS), see Upgrading Instructions.

    2006-06-08: Announcing ODS

    OpenLink Data Spaces, or ODS, is a suite of Virtuoso applications for creating and maintaining modern web-presence. It includes Social Networking, Weblog Platform, File Sharing, Wiki Platform, RSS 2.0, Atom 1.0, and RSS 1.1 Content-Aggregation Platform and more.

    ODS has been developed to provide and a coherent nexus for Web-2.0 and the Semantic Web (also known as Data Web). All ODS application Data Spaces can be queried via Google's GData protocol. All Data Space front-end pages offer RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, and RSS 1.1 (RSS-RDF) content-syndication feeds, FOAF (for individual Data Space insights covering data and social networks), vCard, XBEL and other standard data-interchange formats where applicable.

    ODS also offers browsing of application data via WebDAV, making your data-universe visible as a filesystem in the form of a URI-addressable and mountable tree (viewable via WebDAV-aware clients). A later release will add SPARQL access to application data.

    2006-06-08: Announcing Virtuoso Open Source Edition 4.5.3

    This update of Virtuoso adds support for OpenLink Data Spaces, now bundled into the source tree.

    Metadata of resources stored in Virtuoso's WebDAV repository is now queryable with SPARQL. There are updates to tutorials and demos plus bug-fixes.

    2006-04-27: Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 4.5.2

    Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 4.5.2 is now available. The new release adds Windows support with both a binary distribution and Visual Studio project files, better SPARQL support and documentation, bug fixes and more.


    Virtuoso Scalability: analysis of OLTP performance factors on different hardware.


    New Article: see how to use Virtuoso's XML and text capabilities for smart search and filtering.

    2006-04-11: Virtuoso Open-Source Edition 4.5.1

    Initial release of Virtuoso Open-Source Edition (version 4.5.1): Press Release

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