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    Upgrading from Virtuoso Release 4.x or earlier, to Virtuoso Release 5.x

    If you have Virtuoso Release 4.x or earlier, with or without ODS, preserving your data while upgrading your installation and databases to Release 5.x or later requires the steps described below.

    Important: To upgrade from Release 4.x or earlier to Release 6.x or later, you must first perform an incremental upgrade to Release 5.x; then, upgrade from Release 5.x to current.

    If you do not have any old data, you can skip this process, and simply use the new demo database, which has all the current ODS applications pre-installed.

    Virtuoso binary components

    1. Shut down the previous server.
    2. Start the Release 5.x server executable you have built or downloaded into the same directory.
    3. There is a change in the DAV metadata represented in the RDF store. To update everything, log in as dba with isql and execute:

      SQL> dav_replicate_all_to_rdf_quad (1);

      This is a one-time manual update which changes the DAV graph name, removing its trailing slash.

    ODS applications and data

    To upgrade the ODS applications and preserve any data you may have in them, do the following:

    1. Shut down the server.
    2. Take a backup of the database file(s), just in case.
    3. Start the server.
    4. Re-install/upgrade the VAD package corresponding to each installed application. For VOS, these are found in the /share/virtuoso/vad/ directory in the tree where make install copies the results of the build; for Commercial Edition, they are found in the vad directory. Updated VADs for both Editions, and can be downloaded from our website.
    5. Upgrade the installation through the Conductor (recommended), or by executing the following command in isql:

      SQL> vad_install('ods_framework_dav.vad', 0);

    6. Repeat for each installed ODS or other VAD package.

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