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    Virtuoso Utilities

    Virtuoso Conductor

    This is an application of several hundred dynamic web pages for administering all aspects of a Virtuoso server. The Conductor can be installed on a running Virtuoso server at which point all its operations can be administered via a web interface. Functions include:

    • Browsing and editing SQL objects such as tables, views, triggers and procedures
    • Setting up web listeners
    • Managing users, roles and privileges
    • Database statistics and profiling


    Virtuoso has an extensive set of on-line programming tutorials that demonstrate various aspects of its functionality. Covered topics include programming with XML, web services, writing dynamic web pages, BPEL and other things. In the demo database they'll be installed at http://localhost:8890/tutorials/ by default.

    Interactive SQL

    Virtuoso has a command line interactive SQL client with many scripting features. These are specially geared towards writing automated tests.

    Database Export

    The database-export utility dbdump supports export of schema and data from any ODBC-based data source. Many special features and switches are offered for dealing with differences in data-type names, escape characters and the like.

    Performance Profiling and Debugging

    Virtuoso offers extensive table access, disk access and locking statistics. Additionally, it has a fully featured call-graph profiler for Virtuoso/PL. This measures the call counts and elapsed time inside stored procedures and their descendants.

    Virtuoso has a command-line-based debugger for SQL procedures, supporting breakpoints, single-stepping, viewing variables, call stack and threads plus other functions common in debuggers.

    Application Packaging

    Virtuoso has its own package format called VAD, Virtuoso Application Deployment. This provides for single-file distributions of complex SQL applications with various install time checking, dependency tracking, application version upgrade scripts etc.

    Test Suites and Benchmarks

    Virtuoso's source distribution comes with a full test suite. This maybe run to verify the integrity of a build. This test suite also has code samples for all Virtuoso features. This is a useful resource for checking syntax and use-cases of diverse functions.

    Additionally, Virtuoso comes with a TPC C test driver. The tables and stored procedures are defined for Virtuoso, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. This test allows comparing OLTP performance of different databases at different scales.

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