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    Web Service Protocols


    Virtuoso SOAP endpoints can be configured to require signed or encrypted access and to sign and/or encrypt any replies. Virtuoso's SOAP client can likewise encrypt and decrypt and sign and validate signatures. Symmetric and asymetric algorithms are supported, including RSA and Triple-DES.


    The WS-Trust protocol complements WS-Security by adding a third-party issuer of trust tokens to the WS Security exchange. The Virtuoso implementation provides hooks for defining client, server and trust server functions.

    WS-Reliable Messaging

    Virtuoso has client- and server-side functions for WS-Reliable Messaging (WSRM). The database has a system table for incoming and outgoing WSRM traffic; the developer can supply callback functions for processing different messages. The protocol implementation covers guaranteed delivery, guaranteed order and exactly once delivery. There is an object API for keeping track of conversations and message sequence.

    Getting Started

    The source distribution's demo database has on-line tutorials for all these protocols and more. To get going, point the browser to http://localhost:8890/tutorial and choose Web Services.

    There are additionally numerous examples in binsrc/tests/suite/ in the source tree. Look at thttp.sh to find the scripts that make up the WS Interop suite. This contains client- and server-side examples of all supported WS protocols, from basic SOAP onwards.

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