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    FOAF+SSL ACLs Tutorial

    Why FOAF+SSL?

    FOAF+SSL is implementation of a conceptual authentication and authorization protocol that links a Web ID to a public key to create a global, decentralized/distributed, and open yet secure authentication system that functions with existing browsers.

    How is the FOAF+SSL ACLs UI accessible from ?

    It is accessible from the URL http://cname:port/auth_policy and then click the link FOAF+SSL ACLs.

    • Note: You need to log in as dba user

    What can I use the FOAF+SSL ACLs for?

    Using a proper FOAF+SSL Certificate and also with set proper Web ID you can view the result at the Virtuoso SPARQL-SSL endpoint.

    What is the SPARQL-SSL Endpoint?

    The SPARQL-SSL Endpoint is https://cname:port/sparql-ssl

    Sample scenario

    The following sample scenario demonstrates setting FOAF+SSL ACLs using the VIrtuoso Authenticaion Server UI:

    1. Install the ods_framework_dav.vad, conductor_dav.vad and oauth_dav.vad packages.
    2. Using the ODS UI register ODS user for ex. demo.
    3. Go to http://cname:port/auth_policy/
    4. Click the "FOAF+ACLs" link
    5. Log in as dba user
    6. In the shown form:
      1. Enter for Web ID for ex.:


      2. Select "SPARQL Role" for ex. "Sponge".
    7. Click the "Register" button.
    8. As result the FOAF+SSL ACLs will be created.
    9. Go to the SPARQL+SSL endpoint https://cname:port/sparql-ssl
    10. Select the user's certificate
    11. As result the SPARQL Query UI will be shown:


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