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    Crunchbase Cartridge - Configuration Guidelines


    Crunchbase is a free database of technology companies, people, and investors.

    The Sponger extractor cartridge for Crunchbase exposes Crunchbase entries as Linked Data. A corresponding meta-cartridge identifies company and people names in Linked Data and performs lookups against Crunchbase to further enrich this data with Crunchbase information.

    The Crunchbase extractor and meta cartridges both require a Crunchbase API key. The same API key can be used for both cartridges.

    Obtaining an API Key

    To obtain an API key:

    • Go to the Crunchbase Developer Portal and register for a user account.
    • After registering as a user, apply for an API key.
    • In the "Crunchbase Application Registration" form:
      • You can use any application name acceptable to Crunchbase, e.g. "Virtuoso Sponger".
      • Under the section "Select which Web APIs this application will use", ensure the "Issue a new key for Crunchbase API" checkbox is checked.
    • After clicking the "Register your application" button, your new Crunchbase API key will be displayed.

    Configuring the Crunchbase extractor and meta cartridges

    • In the Conductor UI, click on the "Linked Data" tab, then the "Sponger" tab.
    • Under the "Extractor Cartridges" tab, select "Crunchbase" from the list of cartridges.
    • In the cartridge configuration form at the bottom of the page, enter your Crunchbase API key in the "API Key" field, then confirm the update.
    • The Crunchbase meta cartridge is configured in a similar way to the extractor cartridge. Select the "Meta Cartridges" tab, select "Crunchbase" in the list of meta cartridges, then enter the Crunchbase API key in the "API Key" field.