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    Instagram Cartridge - Configuration Guidelines

    Register an application endpoint

    Use Instagram's developer interface to register a new client endpoint.

    The settings required for this are:

    • Application Name: whatever you like ("my Sponger instance")
    • Description: optional, free-form
    • Website: set this to the base of your Virtuoso installation, e.g. http://localhost:8890/
    • OAuth redirect_uri: adjusting localhost and port number to your installation, put http://localhost:8890/sponger/instagram_oauth in here (note no trailing slash)

    Once the client is created, it should give you a paragraph of its options including a client id and a client_secret.

    Cartridge Options

    In the Virtuoso Conductor (eg http://localhost:8890/conductor), select the menu item Linked Data -> Sponger -> Extractor Cartridges.

    In the list of cartridges, ensure `Instagr.am Photos' is enabled (hit `Apply' at the bottom if need be), then click on the name "Instagr.am Photos" to show its options:

    The API Key should be the Client_ID parameter from Instagram.

    The client_secret option is currently unused, but may be set against future updates.

    The oauth-fallback cartridge option is a default username to use for authenticated requests. Currently, this is only used in order to list a user's media; if an access token for the user being sponged is not found, this will be used in its place - so you get a view from this user's perspective.

    View the Retrieved data

    The cartridge will trigger on URLs matching either ^https?://(www.)?instagr.am/.* or ^https?://(www.)?instagram.com/.*; this caters for both old and new (after July-2012) patterns.