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    Ensuring Progress Primary Keys (PKs) are NOT NULLABLE

    While Progress does not formally have Primary Keys defined per table, it does have INDEXes. For many purposes, including Entity Frameworks, all fields comprising the INDEX must be set not-nullable, or "mandatory" in Progress parlance. Use the following procedure to check the relevant fields:

    1. Log in to the machine that hosts your Progress DBMS.

    2. Navigate to the root of the Progress installation.

    3. Use the su command to switch to your local Progress user.

    4. Execute the .profile associated with the Progress user.

    5. Launch the _progres utility.

    6. Use the Tools menu to access the Data Dictionary utility.

    7. Expand the Database menu and use Connect to connect to the target database.

    8. Repeat the following steps for each field in each table's index.
      1. Expand the Schema menu and select the Index Editor.

      2. Select the target table.

      3. Review the fields that comprise that table's index.

      4. Select GoField.

      5. Select Modify.

      6. Navigate to the field that you want to check.

      7. Look for the field's Mandatory property.

      8. Ensure the value passed to Mandatory is yes, and hit F4 to save your changes.

    9. Exit the utility, and proceed to your other tasks.