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    Virtuoso Sponger Access Control List (ACL) Setup

    Manage Sponger Access Control List (ACL)

    Access rights to the Virtuoso Sponger service can be controlled using Virtuoso's built in Access Control Lists (ACL) as detailed below.
    1. Create a secure HTTPS listener interface .
    2. Create Sponger endpoints using the Conductor Linked Data ->Sponger ->Configuration tab:

    3. Go to Sponger ACLs from Linkied Data -> Access Control -> Sponger:

    4. Click Add New Rule button to add a new rule:

    5. Enter the desired setting for the new rule:

    6. Click Add:

    7. Click Apply:

    8. The created ACL rule will be shown in the list of available Sponger ACL rules:

    Manage the Sponger /about endpoint

    To disable for execution the default web service /about endpoint, execute the following steps:

    1. Go to Web Services -> Web Service Endpoint and select HTTP Host
    2. Click Edit for "/about":

    3. Set the SOAP User to nobody from the drop down list box of available users: