Enabling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) on a Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint

What is CORS?

CORS enables conventional client-server interactions over a Web of data sources, with embedded elements from multiple sources presented by a single page. Basically, CORS helps traverse the Web from a single original data source.

Why enable CORS?

Enabling a Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint to serve the Data Access needs of user agents (e.g., Javascript clients) that are programmed to leverage CORS.

How can I enable CORS?

You CORS enable a Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint via the following steps:

  1. Go to the HTML-based Instance Admin UI (Conductor) at http://{your-instance-hostname}:[port]/conductor.
  2. Enter dba credentials.
  3. Go to Web Application Server → Virtual Domains & Directories:

  4. Expand Interface for the Default Web Site:

  5. Locate the /sparql Logical Path:

  6. Click Edit:

  7. Enter, for example, * in the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing input field. Optionally you can check the Reject Unintended CORS check-box:

  8. Click Save Changes.