Performing Internal HTTP redirects


Virtuoso as opposed to HTTP based redirection.


Handling situations where HTTP level redirection is inadequate. For example, 303 redirection offered when implementing hashless Linked Data URIs. Instead of sending a 303 Virtuoso will redirect to the URL in "Location:" and return 200 OK.

Basically, this is like curl -iL instead of curl -i, but implemented inside Virtuoso.


Directly or via URI template syntax used to construct rewrite rules for Virtuoso virtual directories / web service endpoints for the purposes of which Virtuoso offers the http_internal_redirect function:

    in full_path varchar,            -- Set new logical path to be redirected to 
    [ in p_full_path varchar ] ,     -- Set physical path to be redirected to 
    [ in long_url varchar ],         -- Reserved for internal usage 
    [ in keep_lpath integer ]        -- Reserved for internal usage 


create procedure my_redirect()
  declare full_path varchar;
      full_path := '/DAV/VAD/test/';
      http_internal_redirect (full_path);
      set_user_id ('demo');
      set http_charset='utf-8';
      http_header ('Content-Type: text/xml; charset=UTF-8\r\n');
      WS.WS.GET (path, pars, lines);
      return null;