Create a Linked Data Resource with RDF/XML content

The following guide presents simple scenario how to import Linked Data from RDF/XML file format:

  1. Go to http://cname/ods .
  2. Enter your user credentials. In this example we will use user "demo".
  3. Go to Briefcase.
  4. Create a folder from type "Linked Data Import" ( for ex. with name "MyData?" and assigned graph "urn:mydata" ) using the ODS-Briefcase UI.
  5. Go to path "DAV/home/demo/MyData":

  6. Click "Create":

  7. In the presented form:
    • Specify File name, for ex. "data.rdf";
    • Specify File Mime type: "text/rdf+xml";
    • Enter this content in the File Content text-area:

  8. Click "Create".
  9. As result the new file "data.rdf" should be created. Note additional file "urn_mydata.RDF" has been created too:

  10. Now let's check the inserted triples. Go to your Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint, i.e. http://cname/sparql.
  11. Enter in the Query area the following simple query:

    SELECT * FROM <urn:mydata> WHERE { ?s ?p ?o }

  12. Click "Run Query".
  13. Should be shown the inserted triples: