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    Virtuoso Amazon S3 Folder


    Virtuoso's WebDAV implementation includes a special folder type for binding to Amazon S3 Services ("S3 Buckets"). ODS-Briefcase and any WebDAV client may work with these folders as if they were hosted directly in Virtuoso.


    Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface to a storage system that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data. The service aims to maximize benefits of scale and to pass those benefits on to developers.

    By providing a WebDAV interface to Amazon's service, the Virtuoso Amazon S3 Folder brings access to this storage system to any operating system (and any application running therein) with a WebDAV filesystem driver. This includes Windows ("Remote Directories"), Mac OS X ("Mount Server..."), Linux, and others.


    Creation of Amazon S3 Folders

    The folder is created just as other WebDAV folder, with some special properties:

    1. Folder Type (tab Main) — must be set to Amazon S3.
    2. Access Key ID (tab S3 Properties) — Mandatory setting. Set to Amazon S3 user's access key.
    3. Secret Key (tab S3 Properties) — Mandatory setting. Set to Amazon S3 user's secret key.
    4. Bucket Name (tab S3 Properties) — Optional setting. Set to Amazon S3 Bucket name to retrict WebDAV access to that S3 Bucket (and any sub-buckets). When not set (i.e., blank), all S3 Buckets available to this user are accessible through the WebDAV folder.

    Working with S3 Folders

    When Bucket Name property is empty or unset
    1. All available buckets are shown for this user.
    2. New buckets can be created with the following name rules:
      • Bucket and S3 Folder names must only contain lowercase letters, numbers, periods ".", and hyphens "-".
      • Bucket and S3 Folder names must not contain forward slash (solidus) "/", backward slash "\", nor underscore "_"
      • Bucket names must start with a number or letter, not a period or dash.
      • Bucket names should not end with a dash.
      • Bucket names should be between 3 and 63 characters long, and cannot be more than 255 characters long.
      • Bucket names cannot be in an IP address style (that is, four period-separated octets, e.g., "").
      • Hyphens cannot appear next to periods. For example, "my-.bucket" and "my.-bucket" are both invalid; "my-bucket" and "my.bucket" are valid.
    3. Bucket contents are shown through a tree widget.
    When Bucket Name property is not empty
    1. Bucket contents are shown through a tree widget.
    2. New files and folders can be created, updated, and deleted, within the bucket.

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