OpenLink Virtuoso, Open-Source Edition (VOS): Downloads

Upgrading Existing Virtuoso Installations

Before upgrading an existing installation of Virtuoso Open Source Edition (VOS) and/or OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS), please see these instructions.

Virtuoso Source Code

We recommend these Build Instructions for compiling from source.

Latest source code on Github

The latest source code for Virtuoso may be checked-out from Virtuoso on Github using

$ git clone git://

Our branches are called:

Please refer to the documentation on Virtuoso Git usage for more details.

Pre-built binaries

These periodically produced pre-built binaries, typically from stable milestones, will let you get up-and-running quickly with VOS, without building from code yourself.

You can manually browse to locate pre-built binaries of this and other versions, or download via the links below.


Built against glibc 2.5, this should work on all more recent glibc versions: Virtuoso Open-Source 7.2.5 ( as of 2018-08-15 installer

macOS a/k/a Mac OS X

A drag-and-drop installer for macOS (Mavericks [10.9] and later): Virtuoso Open-Source 7.2.5 ( as of 2018-08-15 installer

Microsoft Windows

A standard double-click installer for Windows: 64-bit (x86_64) Virtuoso Open-Source 7.2.4 (07.20.3217.4) as of 2017-09-06
NOTE: A new VOS v7.2.5 binary for Windows is scheduled to be made available the week beginning 2018-08-20.

Occasionally updated source code snapshots on Sourceforge

Active development now takes place on github. Primarily for historical purposes, snapshot archives remain available on Sourceforge.

You can download these archives from the SourceForge project page for use on any platform.

VAD Packages

These ready-made VAD packages may be downloaded for use with any Virtuoso binary, whether Open Source or Commercial.

ODS Applications

See Getting Started with ODS for instructions.

The OpenLink Data Spaces source code is currently included in the main Virtuoso source tree.

Package VAD link
ODS-Framework (required) ods_framework_dav.vad
ODS-Addressbook ods_addressbook_dav.vad
ODS-Blog ods_blog_dav.vad
ODS-BookmarkManager ods_bookmark_dav.vad
ODS-Briefcase ods_briefcase_dav.vad
ODS-Calendar ods_calendar_dav.vad
ODS-Community ods_community_dav.vad
ODS-Discussion ods_discussion_dav.vad
ODS-FeedManager ods_feedmanager_dav.vad
ODS-Gallery ods_gallery_dav.vad
ODS-Polls ods_polls_dav.vad
ODS-Mail ods_webmail_dav.vad
ODS-Wiki ods_wiki_dav.vad

Other Virtuoso-related Packages

Package VAD link
Virtuoso Conductor conductor_dav.vad
OAT Applications oat_dav.vad
Virtuoso tutorials tutorial_dav.vad
Demo database demo_dav.vad
HTML based SPARQL Query Builder sparql_demo_dav.vad
Interactive SPARQL Query Builder? isparql_dav.vad
Virtuoso Documentation doc_dav.vad
Sponger Middleware rdf_mappers_dav.vad
Faceted Browser fct_dav.vad
PubSubHubbub pubsubhub_dav.vad
SyncML syncml_dav.vad

Other Virtuoso-related Projects

Jena Provider

Documentation: using the Virtuoso Jena Provider

For Jena 3.0.x and later

Virtuoso Jena 3.0.x Provider JAR file
Virtuoso JDBC 4 Driver JAR file
Sample programs

For Jena 2.10 and later

Virtuoso Jena 2.10.x Provider JAR file
Virtuoso JDBC 4 Driver JAR file
Sample programs

For Jena 2.7

Virtuoso Jena 2.7.x Provider JAR file
Virtuoso JDBC 4 Driver JAR file
Sample programs

For Jena 2.6

Virtuoso Jena 2.6.x Provider JAR file
Virtuoso JDBC 3 Driver JAR file
Jena 2.6 Framework and associated classes
Sample programs

RDF4J and Sesame Providers

Documentation: using the Virtuoso RDF4J and Sesame Providers

For RDF4J 2.x

Virtuoso RDF4J 2.x Provider JAR file virt_rdf4j.jar
Virtuoso JDBC 4 Driver JAR file virtjdbc4_2.jar
Virtuoso RDF4J Provider and testsuite archive

For Sesame 4.x

Virtuoso Sesame 4.x Provider JAR file virt_sesame4.jar
Virtuoso JDBC 4 Driver JAR file virtjdbc4.jar
Sesame 4.x Sample programs

For Sesame 2.x

Virtuoso Sesame 2.7.x Provider JAR file virt_sesame2.jar
Virtuoso Sesame 2.6.x Provider JAR file virt_sesame2.jar
Virtuoso JDBC 3 or 4 Driver JAR file virtjdbc3.jar
Sesame 2.x Sample programs