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    ODS Gallery FAQ

    What is ODS Gallery?

    ODS Gallery is a friendly web-based application to store and to share your photos. The photos can be viewed as online albums where you can scroll through individual photos or view a slide show. You can access Gallery from any browser connected to the internet for personal viewing, uploading or sharing.

    How many photos can I store?

    The Gallery web-application does not limit the number of photos or albums you can store. Storage of images and other files is limited to the size of your database and your hardware.

    Does Gallery restrict the photo sizes?

    Gallery does not restrict the photo size.

    How do I create an account?

    Creating a Gallery account is easy. Register your ODS account and to start storing and sharing your photos. Choose a user name and password and agree to the Gallery terms and conditions, update your profile and create an instance of Gallery.

    How do I access my albums or photos?

    Visit http://[host.port]/[dataspace]/ ... and login using user name and password that you chose when subscribing. You can view your albums under the 'Albums' page and get an overview of all your uploaded photos.

    How do I create a new album?

    After logging in, go to the 'Album' page, choose 'Create a new album' and fill in a name and description for your new album. Then click 'Create Album' and enter the name of your new album. You are then presented with an upload page where you can start uploading new photos or add existing photos to any album.

    How do I add photos to my albums?

    There are two different ways to add photos to Gallery. You can use the web browser to upload photos --

    1. You can use the Gallery Uploader UI.
    2. You can use WebDAV and copy the photos directly under the album page.

    How do I share my album(s) with others?

    You can share you album by selecting the radio button to share publicly.

    Which type of photos or images can I upload to my Gallery album?

    Gallery supports a variety of image formats including bmp, emf, gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, and png.

    What Web Services are supported?

    Detailed information for the UI endpoint and wsdl location you can find here.

    What Gallery ubiquity commands are supported?

    A full list and examples of Gallery ubiquity commands you can find here.

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