Secure SPARQL Endpoint Guide via SQL Accounts -- usage path digest authentication

The following Guide presents a sample scenario how SPARQL Endpoint can be protected using SQL Account digest authentication:

  1. Go to http://cname/conductor.
  2. Enter dba credentials:

  3. Assign SPARQL_SELECT role to user for ex. with name "demo".
  4. Go to Web Application Server -> Virtual Domains & Directories:

  5. Locate the associated virtual folder with your Virtuoso SPARQL Endpoint and click "Edit":

  6. At the "Authentication options" section apply the following settings:
    1. Change Method to: Digest;
    2. Add Realm value: SPARQL Endpoint;
    3. Specify for Authentication Function the following function name: DB.DBA.HP_AUTH_SQL_USER;

  7. Click "Save Changes".
  8. At this stage you will be challenged when you go to /sparql via HTML or cURL (in this case use --digest option).
  9. Access the SPARQL Endpoint by going to http://cname/sparql.
  10. Should be challenged to enter Username and password:

  11. Enter user "demo" credentials and click "Log in"

  12. On successful log-in, the SPARQL Endpoint query execution page should be presented:


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